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Preview: Masters of Football – support and choose your footballers

Masters of Football - cards

Football is a worldwide phenomenon. And there is many simulations trying to emulate its success in vain, and only a few have proven interesting approach. That is, why we did not hesitate and grabbed the opportunity to try out a prototype of Masters of Football board game, which comes from the Portuguese football kingdom: Pedro Natário (author of this game), along with illustrator by Rui Duarte and others. Their work is actually now on Kickstarter, so it is about time to share with you about first impressions.

We can not evaluate processing, because our copy was significantly poorer, than what fans get for their support of this project. The game has simple rules to explain in a lot of detailed picture examples. Basis of the game board will be football field and a bunch of cards representing the team (that guarantees future expandability). Equally important are also dice.

But back to the individual footballers, who each differ in their abilities. At the beginning of the game, each player builds his team for available cash.This is another essential part of the game. Athletes are divided according to their qualities and are framed into different categories. Each of the participants in the game will choose his manager, in whose skin they will call all the decisions. These are represented by action cards. All managers are beginning struggle with five randomly dealt cards.

Masters of Football - cards

Beginning of every game is the same. Players choose their tactics, place dice on schedule and choose three footballers to be part of their starting line (secretly). Then theyx simultaneously reveal their selection and also choose team, that will have kickoff in the first half. According to ability of their players, then both managers set the dice on attack and defense strength of the team (they mark it with dice of corresponding color with number from one to twelve). Depending on the capabilities of their rivals, player then roll dice, compare results and possibly score a goal. After two halves, a winner is finally clear – whoever scored more goals.

Masters of Football possibly seem very simple judging by this description. But players have a surprising amount of tactical possibilities and chances to influence results. And we have also significantly shortened the description for purpose of this preview.

Play action cards during match is an important element of the whole football game. Preliminary strength of team determines its chances of winning, but you can always be surprised by its outcome. More dice only increase chances of winning, but even a small team has a chance to beat a strong opponent. Only a little luck is needed, just like in reality.

Masters of Football - cards

Individual players are really different from each other. But most of us like their division into performance groups. As a result, players always have a chance to look forward to better footballers and so have motivation to improve and play again and again. Ggame contains a lot of symbols, which may make you a little dizzy at first. You will have to memorize them carefully. Their amount simply is large. Fortunately page is rules already offers a clear overview.

Main advantage is speed of each match. This makes Masters of Football game, that is perfectly suited for holding both small and large tournaments. Rules offers support for this and tournamets are directly referred. Additionally, comes the possibility of getting reinforcements and here plays a role not only luck (drawing new cards), but also the amount of available funding.

Masters of Football offers an interesting card variation on how to play football. You do not need any figures or the ball, just dice. Now you ultimately decide success or failure of your players. Of course, you will not be touched by this game, if you do not enjoy football too. But simplicity and addictive gameplay offers entertainment for millions of those ball round up and back on a green lawn. If you like our simplified description, look at Masters of Football campaign!

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Preview: Masters of Football – support and choose your footballers
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