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Knock, knock! Whos there? Elephant’s Board Games

The time has come to become international! Our reviews has drawn attention of many czech gamers over the past 18 months. We have published incredible number of more than 400 reviews about both children and advanced games, five every week.

For the last few month, we have played with the thought to extend our reviews for more readers. Becoming english site has been a logical step. It required little programming and lots of courage, because neither of us is a native english writer. But we have stood up and conquered our fears.

Every week, starting with February 1st 2012, we will offer you a couple of board game reviews in english. In our articles, we will try to focus not only on rules and package contents, but we will try to point out good and bad sides of the game. In the end of the review, you will always find our rating and also an text opinion about the game.

And here are the ratings as they would be, in six different steps:

We do not recommend this game, because you might get rash from it. This board game has some serious flaws, which will spoil every experience you might otherwise had. You better avoid these ones.

It’s not so bad as terrible, but board game marked as bad is also not some winner. Its pros and cons are rather equal. There can be found a reason why to play it. But you must try very hard to find them. They might be liked preferably by fans of it specific theme, author or graphics.

Incredibly ordinary board game. There have been hundred of those and also will be. You might find something, that this game is good at, but other attributes drag it back down. You will have fun with it, but it is mostly certain, that you will leave it soon for some better shinier game. Although you can get back to it from time to time, when the mood is right.

A good board game is finally a product, which is a succes. You will entertain yourself by playing it. It might have some flaws, which can spoil it, but they are easily forgiven. Good board game is a fine addition into your collection.

You mustn’t fear, that a great board game will get covered with dust. You will gladly pick it up in any occasion. Great board game offers great gameplay and fine ideas. Together is creates excellent fun. And this is precisely the point of board games, isn’t it?

You will get a lifetime experience from playing a brilliant board game. It is flawless game, which will absorb you into its world and easily wins your heart. You would want to play it day and night and stand it proudly on the shelf for all to look at. This is the type of games, that are very rare and its more like a elite club.

We hope you can help us to make our site better. So we ask you to share your comments and ideas with us. Don’t hesitate to criticise, we will most likely learn from our mistakes. And please, if you’ll find any wrong sentences regarding english grammar, let us know. As we have said, we are no native speakers and we write only as our skills allow us.

See you soon in our regular articles and hope you will come back from time to time…

Dusan and Hanka

Knock, knock! Whos there? Elephant’s Board Games
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