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Review: Wash Dash – how to wash and dry clothes


We are simply hanging on a clothesline. One would say that we have a simple life. Just hanging out and not have to do anything. But this is not true. We must have the strength in our legs, because they often hold items, that are a hundred times heavier than we are. Particularly at the beginning, but once sun begins to suck all the water, they get less heavy. But still.. Being a clothespin is not as easy..

Let it all be explained. Truth can be on both sides and it is up to us, which we accept in the board game Wash Dash. It was published by company Brain Games (Predator, Air King). It is a bit more difficult with authorship, because this game is a joint effort of The Young Can Do It. You can probably guess, we are in for a surprise – game originated in the minds of pupils of seventh and eighth grade, who will also receive a portion of money for their sales. Illustrations for the game were created by Reinis Petersons.

And it’s not something small. On the contrary it is the largest box from Brain Games that rivals our favorite animal game Om Nom Nom. This box is elongated, but its surface is white and whole package is styled like a washing machine. We will get into the drum, because that is where name of the game revolves.


We also should direct our hands there, because inside, under the cover, we can find everything to play. But it is still a long way to go. Every customer must first punch out pile of cardboard components. Their mission is still a mystery that will be revealed perhaps by the rules printed on double-sided A4. Also a deck of cards is waiting for its chance inside, together with a bag full of genuine plastic pins and other small bag of clothes for some tiny dwarves.

The biggest surprise for us all is prepared, when we set out on journey with cardboard components. With their help, players can fold up to six dryers. Each one will stand alone and will include three taut lines (also cardboard). Individual participants in the game get one dryer each plus also a set of pegs and clothes – one piece of each color. A deck of cards must also be prepared and creates a supply of tasks.

All rounds have the same progress and begin by revealing one card. At that moment, all opponents should have their pegs prepared ahead, together with dryers and three pieces of clothing. Players then have simultaneous task to be the first, who can hang clothes according to card – using only specific pieces of clothing and pin colors.


But betrayal in each round is that players have choice of several task cards. And choice depends solely on them. That also goes hand in hand with the risk, that same card will be chosen by someone else. And only those who meet it first can really take the card. Another unsuccessful laundrymen and laundresses must focus their efforts on remaining tasks, so long until cards run out. Indeed, there is always one less card than number of players.

Into the entertaining mix must be however added, apart from colored clothes and pegs, also wildcards (colorless pieces on cards), but moreover event cards. It forces all players to use for example only one hand or switch colors.

Of course game continues with hanging rounds one after another until store of cards runs out. At that point, it’s time for everyone to count up his achievements. It is also a good time to add that the cards have different points by difficulty, which further complicates everyone’s dilemma in making their choice each round. Winner is the one, who gathered most points.


Wash Dash is a game, that is unique mainly for its idea. Hanging clothes on racks is truly original and it fortunately also processing corresponds to it and publishing company did not hesitate to do it without any compromises.

The actual gameplay is based on classic simultaneous performing of tasks by all players. Originality had to withdraw here, but fortunately not at the expense of fun. It still remains present mainly due to the pins and unpredictable situations during hanging. This game is more demanding on skill than most games, where you only need to place your hand on card in time.

The more important are your skills, when event cards enters the offer. They will sooner or later appear in the menu and players have to be ready. Shuffle them with tasks and tactics is suddenly not only about points.


Throughout the game players have a difficult task each round. And its not in the hanging of clothes itself. They must choose right difficulty level card and also count on the fact, that none of the opponents will be faster. This chance of defeat always adds some wrinkles to your face and is a key element, that makes the game interesting enough. It is because of this property, you will gladly return to Wash Dash.

Of course there are also disadvantages. Simplicity is the main point. They are really unpretentious and their fulfillment depends on who hesitates a moment longer. And then starts carousel of task changes for those, who chose poorly and were slower. And that slightly spoils overall impression.

We have to note at the same time that game is designed especially for children. And this is where game excels, because it trains perfectly ways of motor skills, because handling pegs needs fast fingers. But children must also be able to quickly decide, without it is eventually impossible to win.


Game is fun even with two, but dragging for tasks is best, when standing with all four participants. Closely related to gaming and age requirement is also time needed that elapses between fifteen and thirty minutes, depending on the number of opponents and thus rounds required to complete the entire game.

Pleasant ending is excellent processing. Publisher had problems with it and due to them, production was even delayed for several months. Some components have to be replaced. Game was introduced in Essen and it finally arrived on the market in early summer 2015.

Wash Dash eventually works more than well. And especially for its target group of children, but nor adults should not be afraid clothes line. This game was successful and particularly because of good idea behind it all. So maybe we will sometimes see a sequel that will tell you about .. dryers or dishwashers themselves? Now, no housework is taboo anymore.


Informace o hře ze serveru BoardGameGeek (odkazy směřují tam)
AutorAmanda Gruzdiņa, Intars Ivanovs, Dinija Diāna Miezīte, Kristiāna Strazdiņa, Elena Tavare
IlustraceReinis Pētersons
VydavatelBrain Games
Rok vydání2014
Počet hráčů2 - 6
Herní doba20
Minimální věk6 and up
KategorieAction / Dexterity, Children's Game
RodinaTheme: Laundry & Socks

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Review: Wash Dash – how to wash and dry clothes
Wash Dash is a drum into which they have fitted just enough ingredients. Kids created a simple game for other kids, it with a good idea and excellent treatment that really lets you hang clothes. Even adults have fun with it, but kids still enjoy it and still takes advantage of its potential. They will have to show, how clever they have fingers, because clothes pegs are disobedient. Cards are pretty, but the game is fast paced and full of hard choices. Tasks are shared but only the fastest receives it. Wash Dash is a unique achievement, which is popular with kids.

+ original idea
+ corresponding processing
+ event cards
+ can entertain adults as well
+ trains motor skills
+ fast
+ 6 years up

- with two players less competition for tasks
- tasks are easy
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