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Essen 2017: IELLO launches pre-orders of their games!

iello-preorders-02IELLO presents their new game on Spiel fair in Essen every year. They come with interesting games, that offer amazing graphical processing and excellent gameplay. And on top of all that, there are famous names signed under these new boxes every time.

This means, that you might find interesting, that several days ago, pre-orders of their novelties for Spiel 2017 pickup were launched. If you are travelling to Essen, then you should take a better look. You can pickup Mountains of Madness from designer Rob Daviau (Pandemic: Legacy) and great looking game Bunny Kingdom from Richard Garfield’s mind (Robo Rally, King of Tokyo).

But that’s not all. Other new games in shade of IELLO’s booth include fighting game Arena: Forthe Gods, halloween expansion for new version of King of Tokyo or children action game Sticky Chameleon (with truly sticky components). All these games can be explained and presented to you directly in IELLO’s booth. On top of these new games, you can purchase even some of the older games. And you can even read our reviews of these games now on our site:

Oceanos: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-oceanos-depths-full-of-secrets/

The Mysterious Forest: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-the-mysterious-forest-danger-lurking-in-the-forest/

King of Tokyo: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-king-of-tokyo-2016-comparative-review/

KanaGawa: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-kanagawa-japanese-art-for-life/

Diamant: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-diamant-a-cave-full-of-treasures-and-dangers/

Sea of Clouds: http://www.deskovehry.com/en/review-sea-of-clouds-water-in-the-sky/

But back tu business: You can pre-order all these boxes for pickup, when you click on this link: http://essen.iello.fr/


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