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Review: HOPE – hero of postapocalyptic Earth

It´s time after third world war. It is forgotten why the war has started, but everybody knows that it was horrible and hideous thing. The Earth is uninhabitable after nuclear attacks, the remains of people live now in underground bunkers. New races dominate the Earth. Mutants evolved from infected people and animals as the result of the infected planet Earth with nuclear fallout. Cruel bots created people. The scientists have experimented with artificial intelligence. And robots able to live its own life and began to desire to annihilation of their creators. And aliens are bloodthirsty race, which comes from the deepest underground and scares their enemies with their appearance.
A new battle for Earth begins.

Game HOPE – Hero of postapocalyptic Earth is Czech card games for two players. A designer is Michal Suchanek and new company HOPE Studio publishes it.

The game is set on the Earth after 3th world war. The player strives for dominance of his race. You can play as one of 4 races – Humans, Aliens, Bots and Mutants. Every race has unique cards deck, difficult units, location cards and event cards. The battlefield is simply board game with grip.

The game is for 2 survivals, from 14 years of age. One battle for the fate of the Earth takes  about 10 to 30 minute.

Celá hra


What’s in the box

The main things in box are 4 decks of cards, every race has one. The cards are tree different types – Units, Locations and Events. The deck is ready for game. you can only shuffle it and you can start playing.   Then you will find there game board, red blood glass counters (they present wound),  target and artifact tokens and rules (Czech and English). All cards are in English.

All components are made in very good quality and the cards are beautifully illustrated. You will feel as on a postapocalyptic battlefield.


Karty lidí

MutantsKarty mutantů

Karty vetřelců allienů


Karty botů

How do you play it?

The battle plays on board game with the size: 5 rows and 5 columns. You place the cars on the battlefield, you move with them and you want to dominate in any row or column. You have two ways to win. You win when you have got 30 or more sources or you rival has zero sources. The sources are the universal currency in game.

The game consists of several rounds, each round is divided into six phases. During every phase both players are taking turn. Who has a survival coin, plays first.

The phases are:


During this phase every place the units from their hand on the battlefield.  The player has to pay their value in a sources. He can recruit several units, when he has enough sources and there is empty place on the battlefield. The units can be placed to the homebase (first row on game board) or near its location.


Every players can move up to three of your units on the board. The unit can move either  horizontally or vertically by one space.  This is the most strategic phase in round, you want to take the best position to fight and become dominant on the board.


In this phase players can put the location cards from their hand on the board. Of course, the player has to pay their value in sources. The location have 3 purposes. Locations protect you and block your opponent´s movement.  When you recruit units, you can put them on the adjacent field.  Thirdly, they help you during Dominance – every location counts at 2 cards.


Battle is essential part of the game, when you try to kill opponent’s unit and its location. If you are successful, you gain sources. Every player can choose up to 3 targets. If the total attack power is bigger than unit defence, the unit get wounded. If the total attack power is at least double than unit defence, the unit is killed. If the attacker wins battle, a defeated player must give him 2 sources from his source pool.  If the unit is killed, the attacker gives sources the corresponding value of unit.


Dominance is a mechanism that I like. The players count card (a unit counts as one, a location counts as two) in every rows and colums one by one.  Who has a bigger total, that gains sources.


The players can discard any number of cards and draw cards until they have six card in your hand.

During every phases you can play the event cards related to this phase. Event cards are support for you or surprise for opponents.

At the end of round, the First player must pass the survival coin to the next player.

The game ends immediately when any player fulfills the victory conditions.

Rozehraná hra

And next?

After you played a few games, you can try next game variants. You can play with 4  players “Two on two” variant. You need only next board game, you can download it from web site and print. Of course, you can construct your army deck.

Now, when the game is released, the designers have other plans. You can buy first Expansion Deck – Broken World. It includes 20 new cards (units, locations, events). And if you like design of the game, you can buy HOPE Mau Mau cards.

Informace o hře ze serveru BoardGameGeek (odkazy směřují tam)
VydavatelHOPE Studio
Rok vydání2015
Počet hráčů2 - 4
Herní doba30
Minimální věk14 and up
KategorieCard Game, Fighting, Horror, Science Fiction
MechanismyArea Majority / Influence, Cooperative Game, Deck, Bag, and Pool Building, Hand Management, Player Elimination, Variable Phase Order
RodinaCrowdfunding: Kickstarter
Alternativní názvyHOPE: Heroes of Postapocalyptic Earth

Více o hře.

Review: HOPE – hero of postapocalyptic Earth
Game ratings declines with the number of times the games is played. However, when I learned basic game and begun to devise strategies, I find the shortcomings in the rules. Can I play this card now? What is evaluated before he ever done? Also, if a very strong effect when the duel winner gets 2 points and the loser loses 2 points. In combination with the possible destruction of the unit (and other points to the winner) and the subsequent points for domination is perhaps too strong on mechanics. It happens that one thing is better, it's also rewarding, and who is bad is punished. In my opinion there are a lot of things that reduce the game rating. Unfortunately, there are games in this category that are more playable.

+ very high quality
+ very nice design of cards
+ 4 packages of armies, every army is unique

- unclear rules, lot of missing rules, e.g. for timing, when you can play any cards, too strong cards
- sometime we played long battle, both players were locked on their side and nothing happened
- high price (Similar games worth 1/3 price)
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