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Hunter’s Guild: The Vampire Forest is a card game where each player takes on the role of a Hunter seeking out fame, fortune & adventure. A powerful Vampire Lord has awoken from the undead realm and it’s up to you and your Guild to banish him back to his eternal slumber. Battle hordes of evil creatures, discover rare weapons & armors, even risk being infected by the Vampire while in search of ancient relics to repel this evil threat. Be the first to collect all 4 Vampire Slaying Item Cards & track down the Vampire Lord to win the game!

This fast paced adventure game uses only 2 card decks & a single 20-sided die. Damage, health & inventory are all calculated with cards so there is no need for hit markers, multiple dice, paper or pens. This makes for a fast paced adventure game that never pulls you away from the action!

You can look forward to two decks, each with 100 cards.


Have you already joined Hunter’s Guild?
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